Splash Twist

An extensive range of 60 captivating colours, Splash presents a lightly textured, high quality dim out fabric for a simple injection of colour to your interior. Choose from signature creams and greys for a touch of purity; gentle dusky tones to create a sense of calm and elegance; or inspiring brights for a playful vibe.


Enter your sizes below in (mm) and select your fitting type and chain location. 

mm x mm

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  • Fully made to measure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Maximum width 2,591mm, maximum drop 3,000mm
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm
  • If both the width and drop are greater than 1800mm fabric may be joined either by weld or stitch dependent upon the fabric
  • Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting
  • Strong rust free aluminium roller tube
  • Precision sidewinder control with nickel operating chain (NOT PLASTIC) located to your specification * Child Safety Tie Downs Supplied 
  • Great for bedrooms, suitable for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Please note that the actual width of the fabric will be approximately 35mm less than the overall blind width ordered, this is to allow for the brackets and operating mechanism
  • Please note: At least 50mm is needed to top fit roller blinds in the recess and 70mm is needed to face fit in the recess as per options above




Measuring Guide

Recess fitting
Measure the full width and height of the recess [the size of the hole if you like] and we will make the
appropriate deductions to ensure a perfect fit.

• Measure in 3 places for both the width and the drop. For the width, compare
the measurement at the top of the recess with the smallest of the measurements
you’ve taken – if the difference between those is less than 25mm, use the
measurement at the top of the recess. If it is not, use the smallest measurement.

Outside Recess
Measure the full width and height of the recess [the size of the hole if you like] and add a little extra to
the top and to each side, we will make the blind to the size you specify with no deductions.

• To minimize light leakage we recommend that the blind overlaps the
window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm each side

• The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but
please take into account obstacles such as radiators